jennifer-fandel-29As a child, I kept notebooks of favorite words, made lists of rhymes, and wrote down snippets of things people said. As a teenager, poetry became my outlet of choice (that as well as bicycling), and I followed that passion throughout my college and graduate school years, keenly aware that poetry might not be the way to pay my bills.

In graduate school, I taught both at the university-level and the community, and I also began working in publishing at that time.┬áMy work in the publishing field has been wide-ranging, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to create a book (or any other type of publication) from start to finish. From book development and marketing to writing and editing, I’ve stood on both sides of the publishing fence–as a decision-maker on the inside and as a writer trying to get my own work published. My formal experience includes work in children’s publishing, university press publishing, self-publishing, and academic publishing.

I still teach workshops in the community, volunteer for a number of literary organizations, have the occasional privilege of reading my own work for audiences in the St. Louis area, and write with a lot of fine writers who I’m pleased to call my friends.

For more specifics on my teaching and volunteer work, publishing background, and my published writing, please see My Resume and My Published Works.