Recent & Upcoming Readings

Stitching Verses reading, a collaboration between Craft Alliance and the St. Louis Poetry Center. October 15, 2015. 6:30 pm.
2nd Friday Notes, 5th Anniversary Reading. Whole Foods Market. Town & Country, MO. September 11, 2015.
Stone Spiral reading with Dwight Bitikofer, Nic Weiss, and Raven Wolf. Maplewood, MO. July 25, 2015.
“Cairns in Verse” a collaboration between Watershed Cairns artists, the St. Louis Poetry Center, and local poets. The Focal Point. Maplewood, MO. April 28, 2015. (Reading organizer)

“Cairns in Verse” at the Missouri History Museum, in conjunction with the Watershed Cairns exhibit. December 6, 2014. (Reading co-organizer)

Old Webster JazzFest with Raven Wolf. September 20, 2014. 2:00-4:00 PM.
Featured Members of the St. Louis Poetry Center read in the River Styx Reading Series. Jennifer Fandel, Dwight Bitikofer, Jennifer Goldring, and Keith Byler. April 21, 2014. Watch a recording of the reading.
Reading on behalf of Midwestern Gothic magazine with Jennifer Tappenden, Sara Ross, and David Wayne Reed at Subterranean Books, St. Louis. May 1, 2014.
Poetry at the Point. “Dark Side” reading with Richard Newman, Kim Lozano, and Karen Mondale. The Focal Point. October 22, 2013. 7:30 pm.
Architrave Release Reading. Tavern of Fine Arts. October 18, 2013. 7:30 pm.
Musical poetry with Raven Wolf, Dwight Bitikofer, and Ben Moeller-Gaa at Stone Spiral. June 8, 2013. 7:00 pm.
Architrave Release Reading. April 11, 2013. The Tavern of Fine Arts. 7:30 pm.
Outreach Educator Reading at the Focal Point, Maplewood. October 23, 2012.
2nd friday notes with John Richards at Whole Foods Market, Town & Country. October 12, 2012. 7:30 PM.
Old Webster JazzFest with Raven Wolf. September 15, 2012. 2:00-4:00 PM.
Ekphrasis Poetry Reading on behalf of River Styx and the GalleryDiving project. St. Louis Art Museum. August 10, 2012.
St. Louis launch of A Face to Meet the Faces. Left Bank Books, Central West End. May 29, 2012. 7pm.
Focal Point Reading with Katherine Mitchell. Organized by the St. Louis Poetry Center. March 22, 2012.


Writing about “Where You’re From” at the Homestead National Monument, Beatrice, Nebraska. June 8, 2014. See poems created by the students at the Land Ho!me blog.

Women-Focused Poetry & Creativity Workshops at Safe Connections. March-June 2013.

Lecture on Rhythm in Poetry at The Wednesday Club of St. Louis. April 3, 2013.

Writing to Connect through the Springboard/St. Louis Public School System Partnership. Fall 2012.

Poetry Magic through the Interchange/St. Louis Public School System Partnership. Fall 2012.

Writing Workshops at Safe Connections. June 30, 2012 and September 22, 2012.

Beginning Poetry (ages 7-14), a week-long class through St. Louis Parks & Recreation. June 25-29, 2012.

Beginning Poetry (ages 7-8), a week-long class through St. Louis Parks & Recreation. June 11-15, 2012.